SRISHTI KHANNA Author of “DilliLeaks” and a gossip columnist. She has earned her stripes as a nightlife and lifestyle consultant for major
hospitality brands in India after beginning her career as one of the first women bartenders in the country.

When one thinks of polo, what comes to mind? The sweat flecked lithe and tanned Indian Royalty with rippling muscles atop the sleek ponies with their immaculate twists and turns galloping at a thrilling speed, swinging their mallets, the adrenaline rush, all the while inciting gasps and gushes from the onlookers.

Triumph on the field is toasted with champagne drained from crystal glasses by equally poised and sharp women garbed in vintage to couture, whereas, men follow the dressing rule of Nachos Figueras. Remember Zubeidaa? The iconic romance between the Manoj Bajpayee, the moody-macho-magnificent Royal with Karishma, the besotted damsel in silk. Time stands still in this amalgamation of British Raj and Indian Princes. Everyone becomes a King and a Maharajah just for those few hours in the afternoon. The historicity of the game creating a world of magical time travel capsule.

There is no denying the fact that the thrill and addiction for the gorgeous players is just as much as for this stunning game. The heroes on horses are chased later by the divine divas. From Frieda Pinto and Ronnie Bacardi to Prince Harry and popstar Ellie Goulding, the magnetic pull of the sport is both seductive and bold. Polo just can't help itself. An expert playing in the field and playing the field. Welcome to the world of Polo-wag!!!

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