Accessible to only a select few, The World’s First Polo Luxury Concierge provides members a variety of valuable benefits, many of which money cannot buy. The fundamental offerings of the Polo Life Concierge Program are the Riding & Polo Privileges that the members avail. These include Riding Lessons, Horse Rides and Polo Lessons at some of the foremost Polo & Riding Clubs in Delhi and NCR and bespoke Invitations to some of the most exclusive Polo Matches and Polo Balls held every year. This program also provides members’ access to the Top International Polo Tournaments worldwide and other equine and luxury hospitality experiences. A ‘By Invitation Only’ product, exclusive and niche that it will invite the envy of those not invited!


Polo Life Concierge invites you to be part of an exclusive world of luxury, style and elegance. A world open to the successful who enjoy the rewards that rightly come with achievement and status. Unique experiences that can only be accessed through the world of Polo Life! We are dedicated to providing our sophisticated members with unsurpassed luxury experiences and exceptional service by going out of our way, every day, to always deliver the newest, best services in entertainment, leisure, travel, luxury, sport and lifestyle, to individuals, families, executives and businesses.

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