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Austria is most popular for its white wines. And now, after many years of toil, it is carving out a reputation for reds too. And just like with their whites, Austria has some precious local grapes to showcase, the kind that aren't common in the rest of the world. Blaufränkisch is one such grape which is not as common even in Western Europe. While many producers try to extract a wine from this grape that is bold and robust, few producers work at making wines which are silky and elegant. In the hands of a good winemaker a Blaufränkisch can pedigree wines to match the best of Burgundy and Barolo. Roland Velich at Moric is one such producer. His reds are absolutely legendary and the Moric Neckenmarkt is among the finest expressions of Blaufmränkisch to come from Austria: soft juicy berries with a rounded finish and just a touch of oak, these are wines that are good to drink young but can also age gracefully. It certainly doesn't come cheap but even more so, it’s rare to find. So next time you have someone coming from Vienna, make a special request for this precious beauty.

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