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It is rare for me to feature a white wine and that too an Indian one. Rare not because I hold a special bias towards them but simply because few are rarely as spectacular as to make the cut. Well, feels good to report that this wine which has been around for a good few years is now back in the limelight. It wasn't featured earlier as availability was an issue (high demand and low supply) and it arrived in the capital only about a year ago.

Well it's here and barring a small period in the middle when it seemed to have lost that je-ne-sais-quoi, it is back with more mojo than ever before. India's only proper oak-aged Chardonnay with bracing acidity and toasty richness that settle seamlessly well together. It is one of the few anomalies coming out of Nashik, those very few which make me believe in the potential of Nashik. In India's wine county, the bigger more established names reek of greed with no passion nor the stuff they put inside their bottles. This is a pleasant surprise then.

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