ANCHAL KAUSHAL Whisky Mentor & Founder - Liquid Sunshine

Four hours from Delhi, en-route Bareilly, is a quiet little town that at one time was known for its affluence and grandeur, Rampur. A seat of royalty, a town of taste and tradition, ‘Rampore’, (to the British) was home to passionate Nawabs, indulgent lovers of ‘all good things’. Birthplace of the world famous ‘Rampuri chaaku’, mouth-watering Rampuri cuisine, hub of Urdu poets (including Ghalib) and Rampur Gharana, it’s a city with a regal air, blueprint and patronage that is revisiting the days of the Raj – with Rampur single malt. Nestled in a faint gold silk pouch, the stately but rather stoutly shaped bottle with a royal stamp is pitching itself as the ‘Kohinoor of single malts’. From Radico Khaitan, (formerly known as the Rampur Distillery, established in 1943), Rampur was unveiled in Las Vegas, catapulting once more the majestic erstwhile princely state to international headlines, and in a way, restoring a piece of lost glory of a golden era gone by. Hand crafted, this one carries 75 years of distillation expertise and deserves a 15 Gun salute. The malt will be available soon in international markets and travel retail with perhaps India to follow.

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