ANCHAL KAUSHAL Whisky Mentor & Founder - Liquid Sunshine

In the spirit world, there are keepers of lost traditions, royal subjects fit for a Queen. Reminiscent of this Victorian Britain is the Glen Scotia Double Cask, the single malt whisky that dates back to 1851 and comes from the fifth region of Scotland, Campbeltown, also the ancient seat of the Scottish Parliament set up by King Fergus in 503AD. So, we have the Speyside, Highland and Islay to flaunt their distilleries, but there was a time, when the quaint little town of Campbeltown witnessed Scottish monarchs being crowned, ran 28 distilleries and wore the badge of ‘the whisky capital of the world’. Today, three distilleries remain, Glen Scotia being one of them, built near Campbeltown’s ancient parliament square. So distinct is its setting that it renders a full-bodied, heavily flavoured with a slight saltiness in taste, making the region and its whiskies a unique treasure in itself. One of the most fascinating variants is the Glenscotia Double Cask. Finished in first fill American oak barrels and the Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks lending it a fantastic balance of rich, spicy fruits with hints of sea spray. The nose finds amber, sweet at first picking crème caramel, caramelized fruit sugars, wood sugar to fudge before apple and peach come through. One can sense a charred note of bourbon with a pleasing dusty dryness. With the dry distillery character still there, the palate has a sweet start, quite fat, the alcohol giving a little tongue-tingling buzz. The result is a good mid-palate weight with depth to counter. Water slightly dismantles different elements, but adds some dried mint to a deep and dark finish. Will soon be available in select markets of India.

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