ABHIMANYU PATHAK/ Handicap: +5 Goals
One of India’s most prolific professionals

One of India’s most talented players, Abhimanyu has become one of the most formidable players on the Indian polo circuit, a player to surely watch out for this season. Despite his non-horsey background, ‘Abby’ as he is fondly known always had a love for horses and at a young age he happened to watch a game in Delhi after which he knew that he wanted to learn the sport and become a pro. A grounded and focused player, Abby has been playing professionally for a decade and has won almost every high-goal trophy including the Indian Open. A regular member of Sona Polo and Team Jaipur, Abhimanyu has also been part of the National side on many occasions.

Considered as one of polo’s most eligible bachelors in the country, Abby is a bachelor no more. He tied the knot in Jaipur last month with Ava Wallington whom he met while he was playing polo in the U.K. When asked how she feels about watching her husband play Ava said, “A mixture of emotions; in love, stressed, proud and excited. I love to watch him play but I’m also quite glad when it’s over and he’s in one piece”.

Polo Life had a brief interview with Abhimanyu and here is what he said:

PL: When did you start to play polo?
AP: I began to play polo at the age of 17.

PL: If not a polo player what would you be?
AP: I would try to get into acting I think!

PL: Do you have a pre-match ritual?
AP: Nothing as such, however, I like to make sure that I am at the ground with my horses an hour and a half before the game so that I can use the time to center myself and become focused.

PL: Your most memorable win?
AP: Definitely playing for Sona Polo in the finals of the General Sparrow Cup in Delhi, where there was a big crowd at Jaipur Polo Ground with the Vice President as the Chief Guest. We went into the final chukker 5-0 down and I managed to score 6 goals in 7 minutes to win the game.

PL: What do you do when you're not playing polo?
AP: I like to relax and watch movies.

PL: How is married life?
AP: I am not sure that it has quite hit me yet!

PL: A sport you play and follow outside polo?
AP: I used to play football and basketball, but I only really follow polo.

PL: Who do you admire the most, who is your idol?
AP: I feel very fortunate to have worked and built a strong friendship with my sponsor Sunjay Kapur. I learn a lot from him about life and am very grateful to have him as a friend and mentor.

PL: What is your life motto?
AP: Life is too short, live it!

PL: How would you describe your sense of style?
AP: Quite simple, most days I’m in jeans and a t-shirt but I also like to look smart from time to time.

PL: What is your favorite dish?
AP: Mutton Seekh Kebab from Khan Chacha is my favourite thing to eat!

PL: What is your favorite drink?
AP: I enjoy a good scotch.

PL: What is your favorite gadget?
AP: My Tag Heuer watch is something that I can’t live without.

PL: What is your favorite holiday destination/Resort?
AP: Zambia for the animals, I love going on a safari.

PL: Twitter or Instagram?
AP: Instagram (@abbypolo)

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