DHRUVPAL GODARA/ Handicap: +5 Goals
In conversation with a charismatic polo star!

A very versatile player who is at ease playing any position on the field, Dhruv started riding at a young age of 8 under the guidance of his father Udaipal who was a Cavalry officer and a polo player. One of the highest rated Indian players, Dhruv is certainly a player to reckon with on the field and will be the one to watch out for this season. He has long been a part of the Indian polo team, representing the country in four World Cups. A true family man, Dhruv is married to the vivacious Bindiya and they have a young son Savir who could be a future budding polo star if he chooses to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Polo Life had a brief interview with Dhruvpal and here is what he said:

PL: How old were you when you turned professional?
DG: Turned professional at 18 years old.

PL: Do you have a pre-match ritual or lucky charm?
DG: Kissing Savir and Bindiya before the match.

PL: Most memorable moment on the field?
DG: Scoring a self-goal in my first junior IPA... We lost by a goal.

PL: If you weren’t a polo player, what would you be?
DG: Instead would've tried to fly jets... Air Force.

PL: What is your life motto?
DG: Motto being to find true happiness

PL: Favourite holiday destination/ resort?
DG: Portugal, Lisbon

PL: If you had one superpower, what would it be?
DG: Reading minds! haha

PL: What’s your favorite movie?
DG: Scarface

PL: Who is your idol?
DG: My father

PL: What is your fitness regime?
DG: Yoga

PL: A sport you follow outside polo?
DG: Tennis

PL: What is your favourite gadget?
DG: My Samsung Mobile

PL: Favourite cuisine/ dish?
DG: Indian... Dal

PL: Favorite drink?
DG: Mulled Wine

PL: Twitter or Instagram?
DG: Insta (@dhruvpalgodara)

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