A TRIBUTE TO VIENNA/ September 2016, Vienna, Austria
The Ballet of the White Stallions!

The Spanish Riding School in Vienna is the only institution in the world which continues to practice and cultivate classical equitation in the Renaissance tradition of the Haute École for over 450 years. In 1729, Emperor Charles VI commissioned architect Josef Emanuel Fischer von Erlach, to build the magnificent Riding School in the beautiful Hofburg Palace.

For a few evenings in a year, The Spanish Riding School present themselves together in ‘A Tribute to Vienna’ along with the Vienna Boys' Choir and a show with Prof. Günter Seifert, member of the Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra, and eight of his philharmonic colleagues. The magical event showcases the ballet, the Lipizzaner stallions and their riders alternating with musical performances by the renowned Boys’ choir and the Philharmonic Orchestra. The audience at the gala performances are enchanted by the Lipizzaner stallions as they demonstrate the most demanding movements such as pirouette, passage and piaffe and the most difficult jumps to the accompaniment of Austrian classical music. It is a perfect, living work of art, in which the unity of horse and rider touches everyone who witnesses it.

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