RAGHAVENDRA RATHORE A true lifestyle merchant and the man who has put the Bandgala Jacket on the world map.

As the culture evolves, trends change to suit the new needs, music gets more peppy, food gets more snappy and the fashion, of course has to evolve to catch up with a shift in society's outlook. A slick cut with the primitive embroidery is a new trend that “stylish modern grooms” are desperately pushing in mainstream fashion. The designers will need to catch up to this demand and provide tons of options that fulfil this new criterion. Boring looks will be replaced by these rather personalized tailored designs that are a good blend of English modern with a Punjabi beat. Gearing up your personal wardrobe, if you are attending one of these weddings in the coming seasons may not be a bad idea, upgrading your personal style quite honestly is the need of the hour!

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