RAGHAVENDRA RATHORE A true lifestyle merchant and the man who has put the Bandgala Jacket on the world map.

Everything evolves - it is the flow of life. And so has the Indian wedding diaspora entered a new delirium. To witness this change, one must understand the role of design and all its mysterious little components that create the impact that clients seek. It is evident that the various service providers as well as the concept of the big fat Indian wedding is going through an overall evolution in a true sense. Design is at its core with good aesthetics being appreciated over the traditional “spend more than the other” or a blaze circus approach. Sensitivity to design has become paramount and a certain sophistication and a modern design is the new trend. The ambience, look and feel of materials and most importantly, the concept of design have become the crucial elements that the clients will need to seek as per their palette from the variety of stylists and designers that feverishly compete for them. With a patriotic spirit very much in place, the trends for the coming years will demand a much more sophisticated and appealing approach for the fresh crop of service providers.

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